The Divine Foods Certifications

The Divine Foods Products Certifications (100% Natural)

We at “The Divine Foods” take pride in claiming that all of our products are 100% natural and NO fertilizers, chemicals, or pesticides were used in making them. To back our claim we have done the FSSAI approved purity tests and have also attached the test results and we are happy to show you the results.

Honey Certification

Honey Product Purity Test Certification

Fieche’s test – Fieche’s test is done to check the purity of the honey. It is one of the best tests you can do to check for the adulteration of honey in India. Not many honey products in the market do this test because the product has to go under extensive testing to be claimed as adulteration-free. Only we can claim all our batches of honey are adulteration free with the proof to back our claim.

As you can see in the above-attached report we test negative for harmful chemicals such as aniline chloride (which causes headache, fatigue, dizziness, and blue color to the skin and lips, and even death) and starch.

We make sure all the essentials nutrients (according to the FSSAI) that are supposed to be Not Less Than (NLT) are kept more than recommended values and nutrients that are Not More Than (NMT) are kept under specified limits.

Turmeric Powder Certification

As you can see in the above image our Organic Turmeric Powder doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals such as Ethion, Phorate, Parathion, Zineb, etc. etc. These are some of the most harmful chemicals which you do want to insert in to your body.

Most of the organic turmeric powder in the market claim to have 2-2.5% of curcumin in their turmeric powder but we have more than 5% (to be specific 5.25%) of curcumin in our turmeric powder with the proof to back our claim.

Golden Milk Powder Certification

Our Organic Golden Turmeric Milk Powder also has none of the harmful chemicals in it. As you can see in the above image the harmful chemicals are not detected in our product.

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