organic turmeric golden milk powder organic turmeric golden milk powder organic turmeric golden milk powder

What We Stand For

Sustainable and Ethical

Fresh Organic ingredients are sourced from local farmers on the same year of harvest. Disrupting the traditional supply chain, we eliminate middlemen and make sure the product reach the customer with intact quality.


100% Natural

We priorities customer’s well being, all our products are freshly packed with 100% Natural Ingredients. NO COLORS, NO PRESERVATIVE AND NO ARTIFICIAL SUGAR. Each ingredient is carefully picked, free from any form of artificial colours and preservatives.


Handmade In India

The bright yellow spice is widely grown in India and has been culturally integrated with the country’s soil. It has a wide range of health benefits. To maximize the benefits, we directly work with the Indian organic farmers to bring to you the best organic turmeric handmade with care.

Our Organic Turmeric Products

Organic Turmeric Product Combo Pack


Organic Diaper (Napkin) Rash Cream For Babies | 50gms


Organic Turmeric Soap (Pack of 3)


Organic Turmeric Golden Milk Powder (Instant Mix)


Organic Turmeric Powder (High in Curcumin)


Real People Real Stories

Aarthi Sateesh

After drinking a glass of Golden Milk Mix, I enjoy peaceful sleep every night. It has a very soothing effect on my body. I like the mild cinnamon flavor in the milk mix.

Yummy Tummy - Food Blogger / Youtuber - Nagercoil, India.

Daniel Bonesi

I really liked this local produce; good job by “The Divine Foods”. I have tried many Turmeric Powders, but the flavor is unmatchable. The Golden milk mix  is always in my daily routine.

Blogger - Brazil.

Chang Hyuk

Golden Milk Mix – I love to take this on trips and have it regularly to boost immunity. Great Detox drink I ever had.

Blogger - South Korea.

Saloni Shah

Taste is far superior compared to the cooking powder in the kitchen. Loving it. The aroma it adds to the food is memorable. The food tasted much more refreshing. It tasted very pure. Since this is an organic product, just a pinch gave good color and taste to my food. I am very happy with this product.

Youtuber - Mumbai, India.

Vadhani S

We get the fresh fragrance as soon as we open the pack. Golden Milk Mix relieves my stress and helps me get good sleep. It also helps in boosting immunity.

Blogger, Youtuber, Canada.

Mr. Kumar

Right from the go, the colour of the turmeric will show that it is organic and how it is different from the chemical turmeric we buy from the market. Curcumin is the most important ingredient in turmeric and this product has a high percentage of the same.

Chennai, India.

Isabella Margot

This is my first time trying this thing and when it gets mixed with the milk it taste awesome the flavor is nice the amount of sugar is nominal an overall I love the flavor and taste.

Verified Amazon Review


This is not a regular Turmeric milk but the best formula which helps your body absorb the benefits of Turmeric. This is the best detoxifying drink for body and mind.

Food Blogger Youtuber - Thane, Maharashtra, India.

Deepali Dhabu

I love using handmade soaps,they are the safest bet for skin. I bought this one as soon as I saw the curcumin variant. It’s best for clear skin, acne and pimple. The soap has a very nice aroma and works well in cleansing and refreshing skin.

Fashion Designer - Delhi, India.

Sindhu Murugan

Really a divine product. Love the flavor and quality.

Chennai, India.


I ordered 3 “The Divine Glo” soaps. The packing is nice. GLO soap makes the skin cells breathable resulting in soft and glowing skin. As this soap is 100% natural, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Entrepreneur - Salem, India.


The packing is awesome. The Golden Milk Mix is packed in a silver foil and it is inside an aluminum tin. This tin is nice and it is reusable. Their Golden milk has a nice mild taste, is very relaxing as a warm drink before bed, seems to help me sleep more peacefully.

Asst Inspector Auditing -Tanjore, India.

Our Story

Our story started a few years back –  When we realized that the quality of Indian spices is deteriorating these days. The Indian farmers produce premium quality spices but its beneficial properties are by the time it reaches the customer. The Divine foods were born out of the ambition to deliver the best quality Turmeric to everyone.

Our goal is straightforward – GLOCAL – Think Local and act Global.

Local farmers had the premium quality Turmeric with them but they were devalued in the hands of middlemen, the cost spikes and the quality diminishes. We desired to create an ethical model, taking turmeric from farm to fork F2F, where customers get the Golden Spice straight from the farmers with high quality. The idea is to disrupt the traditional supply chain and make sure that customers get a reliable product at a fair price.

Inspired by the goodness of Turmeric, we created “The Divine Foods”. We realized we had created a product as pure as Turmeric –  NO added color, NO preservative, and NO artificial flavor.

We are constantly redefining our business model to reduce the carbon footprint and move towards sustainable development. We specifically settle only for reusable packing material to lock the goodness of Turmeric.

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who has inspired us and for being part of our journey. We look forward to serving you better with upcoming new products.

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