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Traditional Food. Reinvented

“The Divine Foods” is a native homegrown brand born out of the ambition to deliver the best quality traditional food from Tamil Nadu. We ventured into an undaunted journey of bringing the local spices and authentic native food of Tamilnadu, to the global market, by disrupting the traditional supply chain. Our goal is straightforward GLOCALLocal was getting transformed into Global. Initially, we are starting this with our own Turmeric from Salem. In recent times the quality of Turmeric was deteriorating and the huge masala companies make Turmeric as one of their hundred products. The more you become native, the more you become International. “The Divine Foods” turmeric product is now US FDA approved and it is available in the USA, UK, Canada, Singapore and Australia. Having found a strong foothold, we now plan to venture out to other products which the different local areas specialize in Tamil Nadu.  By doing so not only have we been able to market pure traditional Tamil food products to the world that they were unaware of, but by doing so, we have made farming profitable. We are paying almost 1.5 times to 2 times more than the fair trade price to the farmers.  This has transformed the lives of many farmers in the villages and has given them a fresh surge of life. “The Divine Foods” has proven to be a blessing in disguise!

We tried reinventing the traditional foods of Tamilnadu spread its wings across the world. Bringing the flavours of Tamilnadu to your doorsteps in different parts of the world has helped create a bridge between the farmers and the consumers. Bringing the world closer one food at a time. We started this with Turmeric, there is a long way to go and we are sure that you too would love to be a part of our wonderful journey!



Kiru Maikkapillai